To whom can Joel Simpson be compared?

Hailing from Midlothian, Virginia, Joel began his music career by playing drums at the age of five at his local church. By eight years old, he sang “The Star Spangled Banner” for a Memorial Day Assembly at his elementary school. While his mind was intent to become a lawyer, his parents recognized his talent and urged him to dedicate his life to music.

Realizing that music was his true calling, Joel sees music as an outlet for his observations. He writes his songs in the personality of those around him. Joel explains, “things I can’t say, I sing.” This is true of his first song “Because,” a love song inspired by a deep longing of the heart for his girlfriend. “Look Who’s Bad Now” is an anthem for the wronged individual who desperate for justice. “Don’t Believe That Lie” — a fan favorite — resonates with anyone who has been falsely accused by their enemies.

On stage, Joel is not limited to his lyrics. His body is an extension of each song as new possibilities are explored and souls are awed by an energy that seems unending. Joel’s body moves to bring emotion with every word, and lyrics are personified.

Joel has grown as a musician from his experiences as a boy playing drums at his church in Colorado Springs. Currently, he adds to his repertoire and showcase’s his ability to play the accordion, ukulele, harmonica, djembe, and a variety of other instruments. He has come a long way from singing “The Star Spangled Banner” at Baldwin Elementary in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. In December 2009, his first album “Breathless” was released on CD and iTunes.

Now as a Los Angeles resident, Joel’s exposure as an artist has grown exponentially. People want to hear more. Joel was voted to perform as a finalist in the Fame, Fortune, and Flags contest sponsored by Six Flags. As he continues to play on stages across Los Angeles, his drive to be a unique and outstanding performer remains the same.

So, to whom can Joel Simpson be compared? The answer can be found on a Saturday night at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard. The answer can be found in the main act at the Genghis Cohen Acoustic Lounge on a Friday night. Joel Simpson’s unique mixture of alternative and popular music opens up the stage and people can connect with his music. The answer is clear. He can only be compared to himself.

Joel Simpson will continue to be Joel Simpson for as long as he sings and entertains. He IS what you have been waiting for.

(Bio by DeCruz Pulikottil)